Mar. 21st, 2012

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It's better to burn out than to fade away
Summary: Dean gets cursed to never heal and breaks his ribs. And then he gets a fever. Sam (and Bobby) deal with it, with Lucifer in tow.
Dean, Sam, Bobby, gen, 5,000 words, PG

Written for a lonely prompt by [ profile] maypoles, originally posted for [ profile] hoodie_time's feverish!Dean comment-fic meme and I very much hope that she'll like it. It's set sometime between Slash fiction and How to win friends and influence monsters and it turned out to be fairly Sam-heavy, especially considering that it was meant to be a good ol' hurt!Dean fic. But how do you write a Season 7 Sam without a little Lucifer? Title taken from Neil Young's song Hey hey, my my. Fic is unbeta'd, english is not my first language, constructive criticism is always welcome.

Also, my author notes keep getting longer and longer...

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