Nov. 24th, 2012


Nov. 24th, 2012 11:10 pm
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I missed Thanksgiving! Well, I'm not American, but in case any of you are then I wish you happy belated Thanksgiving and hope you had fun.

Also, please know that I am thankful for live music, fanfiction and Dean Winchester. 

And since we're all going to die in less than a month (unless the end-of-the-world event got cancelled, of course. In case it did, I missed the memo) I decided to post snippets of my current three WIPs so that you can see what you'll never get to read. Please, excuse my grammar and typos. Thank you.

Untitled II.
Sequel to Untitled. I started writing this ages ago and it wouldn't leave me alone; but then I jumped the Dean/Cas bandwagon and probably won't get to finish it until - if - that phase blows over (because Cas is dead in that fic. Why would I even do that, for the love of...?)

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Unnamed Purgatory curtain!fic that kind of got away from me.
Sam gets sucked into Purgatory with Dean and Cas, and they try to deal with it. Dean isn't doing so well. It's for a prompt from the S7 Finale Meme that I have to find again before I link to it or even remember who prompted it in the first place (and what the prompt actually sounded like because... Yeah. It got away from me.)

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Dog Days.
Yay. My epic Swan Song-based Dean/Cas AU that I've been writing and rewriting for months now. Instead of killing Cas, Lucifer rips out whatever grace he had left right out of him. He and Dean move to Bobby's old house and struggle

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