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I've decided to tweak this day a little because the original challenge of 'the least favourite character' sounds suspiciously close to 'the character I should love but hate instead' and... No. I don't hate any character on the show, not really. I went through the SuperWiki character list just to make sure and all I could find were characters I don't give a flying crap about, but no characters that I'd dislike enough to feel the need to point it out. 

So, instead of my least favourite character, I've decided to do a character that I love to hate. Hush, I can totally bend the rules to my own will.

Day 02: My favourite baddie

Crowley. And let me tell you - that was a really hard decision to make because in general, Supernatural has amazing villains. They are either trully disturbing and terrifying (i.e. Alistair in On The Head Of a Pin - his interaction with Dean is, to this day, one of the scariest scenes for me), or they look like that slightly creepy uncle of yours, who gets drunk at every family gathering and verbally abuses you by trying to be funny, but are all the more dangerous (i.e. Zachariach, throughout the whole show). Or something else along those lines.

The thing about Crowley is, he is neither of those. Mark Sheppard - who is awesome and more than a little part of why Crowley is one of my ultimate favourites - recently said, "Crowley is what happens when you aren't paying attention," and he couldn't be more accurate. 

Crowley has this amazing habit of being very calm, with a voice like silk - and then he explodes and yells at random. Which, in my opinion sums him up very nicely; you never know what to expect from him. He seems to be on the Winchester's side, aids them in their missions to kill the Devil blah blah, so on, but never once tries to hide having his own agenda (unlike, let's say, Ruby). He screws Sam and Dean over, time and time again, and is graceful about it. Heck, he screwed Cas, the once infallible Angel of the Lord, over, too. He plans ahead like no other character on the show does and the best thing is - he's a freakishly powerful monster and doesn't even have to show it off (like, for example, Lucifer). 

There's also the thing where he's one of the last surviving villains (... characters...) on the show, too. Which makes us fucking lucky, because he is the best one. 

Also, sexy as hell. Pun was... Not intended but... 

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