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Holy long off-the-rails post, Batman! This has gotten way out of hand, and I probably read into things too much, but YOLO! I can have fun speculating about my favourite TV show and being wrong most of the time, right? At least I managed to leave out all the shipping!

Of course, beware of Big Bad Spoilers - not only for 8x01 but quite possibly for the upcoming episodes as well. I'm not even sure anymore.

1. Dean. Let's start with Dean because there is so much to say about Dean. I cannot press enough how happy I am about Dean's storyline and what it seems to be so fat - because beside his obvious PTSD (wow, is it possible that Show might be ready to deal with that kind of psychological fall-out?), his disappointment in Sam and his tense relationship with Benny... Something is really wrong with Dean. And I mean on the supernatural, monster-y level wrong. He doesn't sleep, he doesn't eat (unless you buy him a burger - aaaw) and - I'm not sure if I'm hallucinating things here or if I'm the only one who has noticed - he battles demons with his bare hands. No, really. In the scene in the church, once Dean's knife (whatever that thing actually is) gets knocked out of his hands, he just grabs the demon and starts throwing it around. Aren't demons supposed to be crazy-strong? Dean most definitely shouldn't be able to break tables with them, should he? 

At first I thought, hey, maybe Dean got monsterified in Purgatory; it is, after all, the ultimate monster graveyard and a place humans should not even know about, let alone visit, let alone live in for a year - but then again, Benny himself said he needed a human to carry him through the portal out again. So Dean cannot be a monster if he went through it. But where does his inhuman strength come from, then? Is it from some sort of connection with Benny? Or is it Cas? 

Could it be that fans who claimed to believe in the "vessel theory" (where Cas catches a ride out of Purgatory using Dean as a vessel) have been right along? I love that theory, I think it's amazing but I always took it as a wild dream. But now that I've seen Benny do it... Why couldn't Castiel? 

Dammit, Show! Stop doing this to us. 

2. Benny. I think Benny and I are going to be very good buddies - anyone who challenges Dean in any way (and boy, does Benny sound like he's gonna challenge Dean in all the ways) and creates some kind of a conflict is my buddy. And Benny looks very creepy in all the right ways and I honestly have no idea what to expect from him. It's clear that he has some kind of a leverage over Dean, something he holds over his head.

"Purgatory was pure. I'm kind of wishing I had appreciated it more, you know? Like you." - WHAT DOES IT MEAN? DEAN, WHAT DID YOU DO? What is he hiding from Sam that has him so terrified? And don't tell me he isn't - his final phone call with Benny was so clearly a threat that's left Dean shaken. And it can't be just torturing and killing monster - the latter they have been doing all their lives, the former they've done, too; been there, done that and all that jazz. So what could have happened that would let Benny use and abuse Dean like this?

I will be sitting here, slowly dying, until I find out.

Also, let me point out how excited I am that Dean is apparently getting a Ruby - which is exactly what Benny seems to be. Sam, of course, had the original Ruby, someone who pretended to be his friend only to stab him in the back later. Castiel's version in Season 6 is Crowley, making a deal with the angel that was doomed to turn into a catastrophe from the very beginning. So, isn't it Dean's turn to do something stupid? To go a little dark side? I'd say yes. Yes, it is.

3. Cas. Lots of fans are angry about the lack of any info on Castiel, but personally, I think it just means that Cas will be a huge part of the season - why else would they keep everything about him so close to their chests? Why all the secrecy? We know virtually nothing about what happens to him. And yet here Dean is, running around and killing random monsters just to get some info on his whereabouts; he even refuses to leave Purgatory without finding him first. 

I've heard people complain that Dean seems to be angry with Cas, that he doesn't seem to be looking for him out of worry but, probably, for revenge? And I disagree. Yes, Dean is referring to him exclusively as "the angel," but let's not forget that Dean is in a enemy territory, surrounded by creatures that would rip both his and Cas's throats out given half the chance. Why should he call him by his name, or his nickname, in front of monsters that possibly only view him as the angel (that once swallowed them up?) 

Also, I really like the parallel to The End at the beginning of the episode - when asked by Sam what happened to Castiel, Dean says, "yeah, Cas didn't make it. Things got pretty hairy towards the end and he... Just let go."

Does it ring any bells? "What about Sam?""Heavyweight showdown, in Detroit. From what I understand, Sam didn't make it." Given how often the show mimics itself, I'd say it's safe to assume that Cas isn't dead, only that he has succumbed to something in Purgatory. (Unless, of course, the vessel theory is correct and Dean is just blatantly lying for Cas's sake.) I'm not sure whether to be sad or excited about it. 

4. Crowley. Oh, Crowley, you are so not a demon. Or at least not any ordinary demon. There has been speculation in fandom for a long time, and since it wouldn't be the first time we were faced with a supernatural creature we thought we knew that turned out to be someone completely different... I'd say we might not be far from the truth.

Even Dean seems to imply so. "Where's your angel?" - "Ask your mother." Could he be referring to Eve, the Mother of All who currently resides in Purgatory - that Dean and Castiel spent the last year in? But then again, if Dean knew something and this actually wasn't just an off-hand comment, why wouldn't he tell Sam? 

And we're back to the original question - what the hell is Dean hiding? 

In conclusion - I really liked the episodes. Some things seemed a little off (there is a reason why I didn't mention either Sam or Amelia, since we learned next to nothing about them and their relationship and I don't want to jump to any conclusion about their storylines) and the flashbacks are not exactly my cup of tea, but yes. I liked it. A lot.

I think that We Need To Talk About Kevin is the best season premiere since Lazarus Raising. Except even the title is a little misleading - because we need to talk about everything

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