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Spoilers for all kinds of shit, speculation, the works, you should know how I roll by now! 

Basically, this episode cemented for me what I've started to think might be the theme of this season - the monsters among us and within us. 

Starting with, of course, Dean; carefully set as the monster of the week in the beginning of 8x01 We Need To Talk About Kevin, and carefuly crafted into this heartless SOB in the rest of it - throwing demons, killing shit, the Purgatory business - the monster within us. And his counterpart, the monster among us - Benny the friendly vampire, set free upon the Earth. 

In 8x02 What's Up, Tiger Mommy Dean continues to be in the moral grey area; roughened up, all sharp edges and no compassion, seemingly no conscience - a silent admission that Dean has embraced some monsterous part of himself. And the monsters among us are, of course, all the supernatural entities gathered at the auction. (And then there's Crowley, possessing poor Mrs. Tran - does that qualify as the monster within or among us?) 

In episode 8x03 Heartache, there is the tragic romance of that Brick guy - old mayan warrior that slipped through centuries among ordinary humans (yes, the monster among us), and his wife-slash-mother that was unfortunate enough to fall in love with him, let him get under her skin and became his 'partner in crime' - in the name of love embraced his true nature and thus, by proxy, became a human monster of sorts, too (the monster within us). 

And in 8x04 Bitten we have three teenagers who get caught up in a hell of a situation; and tangle up with the monsters among us, represented by professor-pure-blood-alpha-whatever and Michael the first bitten; and the monsters within us, the doesn't-want-to-be-Piggy-anymore whiney Brian who desires power and despises his best friend (and kills him once his inner monster is set free) and Katy, who murders the murderer of her lover in completely cold blood, but promises to never hurt anyone else again. 

I think this element has always been present in Show but it has never felt as profound as it does this season. How does Dean fit in? How does Cas fit in? What about Sam's dog? I guess we'll see...

Oh, and next week episode is Edlund's - we're all gonna die.

Date: 2012-10-25 05:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Remember that time you were super eloquent and managed to make me like that episode a lot better than I initially did?

I remember that time.

*Edlund flail* *Cas flail* *flail flail*

Date: 2012-10-25 05:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Me? Super eloquent? Nope, I don't remember that ever happening. ;D

But thank you! <3 It's kinda funny, though, because I didn't say much about the episode itself... ._.,


Date: 2012-10-28 03:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I am in agreement with this and I feel like Dean is finally moving toward a place in his life where things are not so definitive--everything cannot be black or white anymore. He's come to trust a monster, something he would normally kill without a second thought, and he has gained a lot from this trust thus far. I think he finds himself questioning if maybe they really have to kill every monster, just because it is one.

I think Purgatory has brought Dean to a certain level of transcendence morally and while he is embracing this monster within himself, I think we may see him becoming more selective in his displays of it. We see an example of this at the end of Bitten where he seems to more readily accept the fact that Kate didn't asked to be bitten and carefully consider her promises not to kill humans. In previous years, Dean would likely have demanded they follow whatever lead they can get and kill her regardless of her promises and how she came to be what she is. I am hoping that Dean's acceptance of his inner monsters and his need for the adrenaline of the hunt, the bloodshed and the inevitable dopamine high he gets from it will do something to assuage his guilt--maybe not all of it, but I am hoping that it will at least put a damper on the guilt he likely feels for not being able to successfully switch (and stay with) a "Normal Life" with Lisa and Ben.

As for Cas, I couldn't help but see some parallels with Castiel and Brick in Heartache and not necessarily in the romantic Destiel sense (as much as I would love that to be true). Castiel and Dean do share a more profound bond and certainly, eventually, the differences in the two of them will begin to show much more as Dean begins to age and Cas doesn't. I don't think it would be a far stretch to say that Cas has come to revere Dean more so than his Heavenly family, much the way Brick's love for Betsy became more important than his sports careers. Will Cas choose to fall? For Dean?

I really don't want this season to be the beginning of the end, but it certainly feels like it's headed down that road. Sam's tired, he wants a normal life more than ever after having a taste of it. He didn't go through his usual jumping through hoops to find Dean this time around and I think it was his attempt to just accept What Is (Dean is gone) and what will never be (a normal life, if he chooses to search for Dean the way he has in the past). Dean is beyond tired--he isn't just physically tired, he is emotionally and spiritually exhausted. I think learning of Sam's refusal to search for him the way Dean would have if the tables were turned was a blow he wasn't expecting, especially after having spent a year fighting tooth and nail and accepting the friendship of a monster in order to get out and get back to him. I couldn't help but think that it must have felt much like Tom Hanks' character Chuck Noland felt in Cast Away, after being away for so very long and wanting nothing more than to get back to where he was before only to find that his wife had remarried during his time away after making assumptions that he was dead. Not implying any romantic undertones to the brothers' relationship, but I imagine it to be the same kind of gut-punch feeling that can knock the motivation right out of a person.

I do wonder what definitively happened to Amelia (and the dog). Perhaps she's off wherever Daphne is and they're consoling each other over the mysterious disappearances of their significant others? Haha

Wow, I didn't realize I had so much to say on this subject!
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Date: 2012-10-28 04:36 pm (UTC)
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Hah, I like getting comments that are longer than the original post! And do not fear to ramble to your heart's content! ;)

I personally think that Dean has been in that place for a long, long time, Maybe it's never been as visible, or as prominent, as it is now (with Benny who is, by Show's standards, textbook example of The Monster), but there have always been supernatural entities Dean has been, not only willing, but happy to hang out with. Like Sam for example, with his 'freaky visions' and demon blood - having a brother with these powers must have blown a giant hole into Dean's black-and-white world-view. Then, of course, came Cas, who - contrary to popular belief - is by nature a dangerous supernatural being. Lots of people forgot this because of the 'fiasco' with Amy Pond last season - but if you think about it in context of his relationship with Castiel at the time (who lied and deceived him, no matter how pure his intentions might have been, and then broke the world - among other things) it is not as surprising that Dean had killed her then. That wasn't Dean's permanent state of mind, it was Dean projecting his previous (and very recent) failures when it came to relationships with monsters.

Heheh, the Heartache episode. In my opinion, people judge these filler episodes way too fast and way too harsh. I watched it several times (I was bored) and each time I found something new to ponder over, and I am pretty sure I'll find even more once I rewatch it after seeing the whole season.

I think the parallel with Cast Away (I wrote Cas Away, slap me) is very, very fitting (and personally, even as a pretty hardcore Dean/Cas shipper, I appreciate all the implications of Wincest, hahah). I doubt Dean would have fought so hard to only save himself; we see him, even in Purgatory, to always pursue a goal - finding the angel - and I don't doubt for a minute that Dean wanted to return to Sam more than he actually wanted to get back to Earth (and just think of the fact that he postponed this only to look for Castiel, I AM CREY), so finding out that Sam didn't go through the same turmoil and effort to find him must have been painful. But it speaks a lot for how much healthier Sam still is when it comes to dealing with his emotions, even though Dean seems to be more accepting of having them now - he is never afraid to admit, even to himself, that what he is doing now (hunting) is not what he wants anymore; on the other hand we see Dean persuading everyone, including himself, that hunting is still what feels right, despite it being clear that they are both exhausted by the lives the lead. Am I even making sense anymore?

I talked about my theories on Amelia here, but of course we won't know for sure until we actually see it, or at least hear it from Sam himself.

Amelia, Daphne and Lisa should form some sort of a club. (And by the way, I have so many feels on the Daphne-topic that I don't even know what to do with them, hahah.)

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