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Spoilers, conspiracy theories, yadda yadda yadda, as per usual. Oh, and shipping! Don't forget the shipping!

Also, I'm confused as hell about this episode. I still don't know what to make of it, how to navigate myself in all the parallels and mirrors... Oh, Edlund.

I'll get the uncomfortable out of the way quickly - this was one of Edlund's weaker episodes. And it still was probably the best episode of the season so far.


I'm starting to get annoyed with Sam's storyline - or, to be clearer, with they way they're handling it. See, I have this policy on storytelling -  get as many facts as possible out of the way as soon as possible, so that the readers (in this case viewers) know what they're at. So this holding back what happened, dragging it out - it's not working for me. I'm pretty sure that Sam's storyline is good and worth telling and knowing, but they are giving us too little, and nothing actually sparks my interest. 

But long story short - Benny is amazing, Benny's storyline is a giant parallel to Cas's storyline, Dean and Cas are so gay for each other that it melts my brain right between my eyes, Sam apparently had a lobotomy during the missing year. His, "A friend. Dean, you don't have any - all your friends are dead!" made me want to punch things. Ouch. And the agonized look on Dean's face... 

Also, my theory on monsters continues - apparently, being a monster is so horrible that you should rather have your loved ones killed than turned. Says Benny, the monster (both among and within us - I am getting lost in this...)

Second theme of the season - drifters! Benny, a vampirate, who cannot find his place in the world now; Sam and Dean, eternally on the road; Amelia who doesn't know where she's going...

How many themes can one season have? 

But the most important question is - I do understand that both Cas and Dean grow facial hair in Purgatory, and that Dean shaves with knives... But how the hell does he cut his hair?

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