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Before we get to the episode itself, have a snippet of a conversation I want to see happen on the show: 

Dean flips through the contents of his cellphone, his shiniest new toy. Cas, sitting next to him in the diner booth, shifts suddenly and says, "Dean, you write my name incorrectly." 

Dean, without turning, replies, "What?" 

"My name," Castiel continues. "You have my cellular phone number saved under the name 'Cass,' with double S. That is incorrect." 

At this, Dean turns his head to look at Cas. "Come again?" 

Castiel, face blank and voice patient as if talking to a child, says, "My name is Castiel. There are no doubled letters, Dean. You should change it." 

Dean opens and closes his mouth, at loss for words, before turning back to his phone. "No." 

"Excuse me?" 

Dean sighs, fighting the urge to roll his eyes or maybe slap Cas upside the head. "Look, buddy - I gave you that nickname, I get to decide how to write it. Capiche?" 

"But - " Cas starts before Dean cuts him off. 

"No buts, Cas." 
* Cas = the fandom; Dean = the writers.

Anyway, as for the episode - usual warnings still apply (spoilers, speculation... Shipping...) 

I read, not too long ago, a post on tumblr where someone compared the producers and writers (I wanted to write the showrunners, but I'm pretty sure that's not what it's called in Britain) of Doctor Who, Russel T Davies and Steven Moffat. Basically, what the OP on tumblr said is that they dislike the way Moffat has been handling the show, because his writing got a bit messy - he kept hyping up random things for prolonged periods of time, and then left the viewers hanging without any real, mind-blowing resolve; whereas Davies kept subtly writing in clues, like leaving the words BAD WOLF all over the place, but without showing them down the viewers' throats and then let them come together in one, big reveal. 

Now, I am not a regular watcher of DW so I wouldn't know how true that is, and I don't want to compare the current and past showrunners of SPN, but my point is - that's kind of what I've been feeling about Supernatural lately. And I've been willing to let it slide for a while, let the writers sort their shit out - but the thing is, it's been 7 episodes and we only now found out what happened in Purgatory, and wow, what a shocker - Castiel let go of Dean's hand himself! Wow, what a twist. 

Let's not point out the fact that Dean's headspace by now is a complete mess - when he got out he explicitly said that it was Cas who let go; by the next episode, he somehow managed to convince himself that it was, in fact, him. And now, Castiel comes back and tells Dean that no, he remembers it all wrong! 

I am fairly certain that the angels are to blame for this; in the first episode Dean seems to know which way is up - then, an episode later, he meets Alfie the friendly neighbour angel and suddenly, his memories change. If the angels don't have their fingers in this I am going to be very disappointed. As much as I like the idea of Dean coping so badly he would rather believe that he failed Cas than that Cas chose not to go with him (be still my heart!), I don't think Dean is quite that far off yet. 

And don't get me started on Sam's storyline that, so far, makes as little sense as all the others. 

I just feel like the writers are toying with us, creating suspense at the expense of common sense but mostly, I just feel lied to. I want to know what the characters know, not to be lead along for quarter of the season, dammit!

On the other hand, the "Crowley vs. the Prophet of the Lord vs. Closing the Gates of Hell forever" storyline seems amazing. Kevin is perfect this season, believable and human and fresh where all the other characters are so world-weary. Crowley is, as per usual, vicious and I'm glad we're getting to see that side of him more clearly.

I won't go much into the whole Dean/Cas mess - let me just say that THEY ARE SO IN LOVE I love it. I want more of Cas comforting Dean. A lot more of it. But I wish that the show answered some of the long-standing questions first. 

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