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Do other people also write thousands and thousands of words of fanfic -- for 'verses they will probably never post? Or is it just me...? 

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Summary: Seventeen year-old Dean goes out with his friends. Thirteen year-old Sam tags along and learns a thing or two about his big brother.
Sam, Dean, gen, 4,000 words, PG-13

Written for [ profile] hoodie_time's summer themed Dean-focused h/c comment meme for this prompt by [ profile] purple_carpets. I hope you like! I wrote more than a half of it at three in the morning and I fear that it shows - forgive me for any grammatical errors or typos.

Also, Dean is an idiot. 

Fic is unbeta'd, english is not my first language, constructive criticism is always welcome. Be aware that the fic contains underage drinking - but we all did that, anyway. Except for me. I didn't. Really. 

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You can follow if you're interested, although I have to warn you - I am a little frantic tweeter. And I tweet spoilers and all that jazz; and I will smother you with my offensive pseudo-humor...

Also, I might have a fic coming up soon. MAYBE.

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A summer themed
Dean-focused h/c comment meme

[Click on the image to go to the meme.]

Banner courtesy of [ profile] kalliel

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Helle, my lovelies, 

as you may or may not have noticed, it's been a while since I posted. It might be another while before I do post (properly), because RL is keeping me pretty busy. I always say that real life is there only to sidetrack me from my fandom life, which is, okay, probably really fucking pathetic but it's God's honest truth, so. There, I said it. 

I haven't had time to write in what feels like forever; I don't even have time to read let alone sit down and put words on paper. 

What I'm really sorry about, however, is the fact that I had to drop out of [ profile] spn_summergen and needless to say, I've felt so bad about it that I've considered hiding under a rock and never resurfacing again. As you can see, in the end I've decided against that option. Although I still do feel bad. 

I hope you all are enjoying your summer despite the terrible, horrible, frighteningly freaky weather. 

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I've gone on a crazy friending-whore fest (that might be going on for a while, too) and added some people. Mostly because I genuinely like people and want to know (and be buddies with) as many as I can.

I also realized that I need more posts in my friends' page because right now it's all fic and it's getting fairly overwhelming. 

Feel free to add me, talk to me, etc. I want to get to know you!

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Summary: They took down the Leviathans and now they suffer the consequences - Dean isn't talking and Sam doesn't know what to do.
Dean, Sam, gen, 7,000 words, PG-13

Written for [ profile] hoodie_time's Dean-focused hurt/comfort comment-fic meme, for this prompt by [ profile] nwspaprtaxis. It's probably a little (if I had a special font for sarcasm I would use it now) different from what she wanted and it's gotten so personal for so many reasons and so out of hand that I literally laughed at the story. Pointed at the monitor with my finger and laughed. For a while I thought I wouldn't even be able to finish it, but look at me! I did. I'm not sure what to think about it myself, though. Sorry if it disappoints you, [ profile] nwspaprtaxis.

Fic is unbeta'd, english is not my first language, constructive criticism is always welcome. Also, be aware that it contains a puppy. And an OC. 

Last thing - today it's been exactly one year since I've watched the Pilot for the first time. I am a baby-fan! Not even out of my diapers yet! Let's celebrate! Where's the alcohol?

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Since I have taken to writing thousands and thousands of words that will probably not get posted anytime soon (if ever...) I've decided to recommend a story from time to time, whenever I stumble upon a good one. 

Steps Behind by Mirrordance
Summary: 56 seals down, 10 left to open. It's 2009, and Lucifer's standing on the welcome mat. At the eve of the final battle in a losing war, the Winchesters make their last goodbyes, and at this end of days, Dean is finally learning to let Sam go.

Now, I suggest you read Mirrordance's note because she has some warning about the story - basically, as she says, it is a tragedy. It doesn't end very well but it's beautiful. Personally, I love bittersweet and even downright bad endings - if you don't, then it's probably not for you. On the other hand, if you don't mind hurting a little then you will probably love it.

It's one of the first stories I've ever read when I started watching Supernatural some time ago and it stuck with me. I read it again a few days ago and it's still as good as it was when I read it for the first time. 

Now, get reading! :)

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Winter sun
Summary: Dean gets seriously ill while stuck in Purgatory. Castiel can't help; all he can do is wait. 
Dean, Castiel, gen, 1,000 words, PG-13, warning for possible character death

Written for the S7 Finale Meme hosted by [ profile] mad_server, for this prompt by [ profile] rainylemons. Fic is unbeta'd, english is not my first language, constructive criticism is always welcome. 

I loved the season finale so much. The Hellatus is going to be... Well, hellish.

Also, it has been brought to my attention that I might have falsely, or to be more precise poorly, tagged the story since it contains what can be read as a death of a major character. I apologize to anyone who might have been traumatized by this  - we all know what it's like to read something we do not enjoy and a death!fic most certainly is just that for some people. I did not mean any harm to anyone - I just didn't realize I have written such a story; in my head, no one dies at the end of it. Once again, my sincerest apologies for this mess-up.

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first of all, thank you so much for participating in this challenge and offering to gift other people with fanfiction. I hope my prompts inspire you and will challenge you in all the good ways.

Secondly, I wanted to let you know that whatever you write, however you write it, I will enjoy it. There is nothing I enjoy more than creativity – and that means, GO NUTS! Take my prompt and go crazy with it, put your spin on it, throw in something that is essentially you. Don't worry too much about what I like; if you enjoy writing it, I will enjoy reading it. That much I know for sure.

There are, of course, things I love and prefer to read over things I 'just' like to read. As you might have noticed, most of my prompts (and all of my own fanfics) are very heavy on Dean-centered hurt/comfort. What can I say, I simply love hurting that handsome son of a bitch. However, that doesn't mean I wouldn't enjoy some hurt!Sam or something that has nothing to do with hurt/comfort at all. If your story ends up being completely fluffy, that's alright.

On the other hand, there are things I avoid if I can help it. One of them, for some reason or another, is AU fanfiction. I have nothing against what-if scenarios and AUs such as the End!verse, but I have never seen much point in reading (and writing) fics about my favourite characters in completely different settings. Other things I tend to pass are mpreg fics and any form on non-con. I'm not big on de-aged boys and genderswitch, either. However, if your Muse hits you over the head with an idea for an epic AU you could write for my prompts, then you of course can. As I stated above – creativity!

I hope this letter was of use to you, as it was meant to help you. If not, feel free to disregard it and write as your Muse supplies.

Once again, thank you for writing a piece of fanfiction for me – I appreciate it very, very much. I hope you will enjoy writing one of my prompts and won't stress yourself over it too much. We're in this to have fun, after all.

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Back down here on Earth
Summary: Daphne finds a naked man on the river shore. Over time she falls in love with him and then the stranger takes him away and ruins everything. 
Castiel (Emmanuel), Daphne, Dean and Sam, (more gen than) mild Emmanuel/Daphne, 4,000 words, PG

Coda to 7x17 The Born-Again Identity. Of all things I could have written a coda for... I got stuck with Daphne in my head. I wish we knew more about her - she could have been an interesting character. I tried to make her into just that - explain some of her decisions that I think might be a bit naïve but very admirable at the same time. I think she comes across as a little weird and I'm okay with it. 

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Six feet under
Summary: Dean escapes from the rack but not from Hell. He wanders and finds Lucifer's Cage and it looks like the ocean at sunrise.
Dean, Lucifer (the Morning Star), gen, 1,000 words, PG-13

Written for [ profile] hoodie_time's Dean-focused hurt/comfort comment-fic meme, for this prompt by [ profile] shi_mo. I'm pretty sure it's nowhere near what she imagined; hell, I'm not even sure if it's anywhere near coherent. But the prompt just wouldn't leave my head and it filled it with all these images of Hell based on Salvador Dalí's paintings and it had to be written. So, here it is I guess? I suggest you read the original prompt, it might explain a few things about this fic. 

A little bit for the "symbolism" - I imagine Hell in Supernatural would be actually a little like Heaven in Supernatural, except the exact opposite. It would be made out of your biggest fears and regrets rather than happy memories, of course.

As for Lucifer's Cage, I don't see it as a box of sorts but as a universe of its own and I gave it the look of early morning, since Lucifer is the "light-bearer" and the Morning Star.

Anyway, fic.

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Veteran of the psychic wars
Summary: Dean is way too sleepy. 
Dean, Sam, gen, 1,000 words, PG

Written for [ profile] hoodie_time's Dean-focused hurt/comfort comment-fic meme, for this amazing prompt by [ profile] maypoles. The title is taken from Blue Öyster Cult's song of the same name that is - let's be honest - totes about Dean. And just to be clear - I did research some but not too much since I decided that the medical aspect wasn't the focus of the story. And I don't think the Winchesters can get any common mental or health problems with how difficult their lives are anyway - there will always be more to it. Which is basically my excuse for any factual and medical inaccuracies. Fic is unbeta'd, english is not my first language, constructive criticism is always welcome.

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It's better to burn out than to fade away
Summary: Dean gets cursed to never heal and breaks his ribs. And then he gets a fever. Sam (and Bobby) deal with it, with Lucifer in tow.
Dean, Sam, Bobby, gen, 5,000 words, PG

Written for a lonely prompt by [ profile] maypoles, originally posted for [ profile] hoodie_time's feverish!Dean comment-fic meme and I very much hope that she'll like it. It's set sometime between Slash fiction and How to win friends and influence monsters and it turned out to be fairly Sam-heavy, especially considering that it was meant to be a good ol' hurt!Dean fic. But how do you write a Season 7 Sam without a little Lucifer? Title taken from Neil Young's song Hey hey, my my. Fic is unbeta'd, english is not my first language, constructive criticism is always welcome.

Also, my author notes keep getting longer and longer...

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Leaving for Stanford
Summary: Weird little chunks and pieces about how Sam left his family and the impact it had on them all.
Dean, Sam, John, gen, 5,000 words, PG

Many authors have tackled this topic and they tackled it well, but I haven't yet and it wouldn't leave my brain alone. So here is my take on Sam running off and Dean and John not dealing with it. It could be read as a sequel of sorts for my previous fic, Easy like mornings. Fic is unbeta'd, english is not my first language, constructive criticism is always welcome.

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Easy like mornings
Summary: Dad is hunting, Sam is busy with school and Dean is struggling.
Dean, Sam, John, gen, 4,000 words, PG

Written for [ profile] hoodie_time’s Dean-focused h/c fic and art challenge, for this prompt by [ profile] biketest. I'm not really sure if it's exactly what the prompter wanted but I certainly hope so. Fic is unbeta'd, english is not my first language, constructive criticism is always welcome.

Also, this is my first Supernatural fanfiction. Hooray.

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