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Wow, I'm SUPER late on this one. Wow, wow, wow. It's almost Christmas, though, and I'm really busy so I hope I'm forgiven?

Not really spoilers much, I think, given that it's been so long since the episode actually aired, but still. 

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Wow, I'm late on this one!

I have to admit, I expected to hate this episode. Lately, my second-hand embarassement tolerance is pretty low - especially when it comes to characters I like - so I had issues with it and generally, the jokes didn't seem as funny to me as they probably should have been. But the episode itself keeps getting better everytime I watch it and while I wouldn't call it the best episode of the season so far, it certainly ranks among them (not for the humor factor, though!) 

Blah, blah, blah, spoilers below, you know how this goes. 

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Before we get to the episode itself, have a snippet of a conversation I want to see happen on the show: 

Dean flips through the contents of his cellphone, his shiniest new toy. Cas, sitting next to him in the diner booth, shifts suddenly and says, "Dean, you write my name incorrectly." 

Dean, without turning, replies, "What?" 

"My name," Castiel continues. "You have my cellular phone number saved under the name 'Cass,' with double S. That is incorrect." 

At this, Dean turns his head to look at Cas. "Come again?" 

Castiel, face blank and voice patient as if talking to a child, says, "My name is Castiel. There are no doubled letters, Dean. You should change it." 

Dean opens and closes his mouth, at loss for words, before turning back to his phone. "No." 

"Excuse me?" 

Dean sighs, fighting the urge to roll his eyes or maybe slap Cas upside the head. "Look, buddy - I gave you that nickname, I get to decide how to write it. Capiche?" 

"But - " Cas starts before Dean cuts him off. 

"No buts, Cas." 
* Cas = the fandom; Dean = the writers.

Anyway, as for the episode - usual warnings still apply (spoilers, speculation... Shipping...) 

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Wow, that was a good episode. 

Anyway, below be scary spoilers and frightening speculation and wannabe meta. Access at your own risk! 

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Spoilers, conspiracy theories, yadda yadda yadda, as per usual. Oh, and shipping! Don't forget the shipping!

Also, I'm confused as hell about this episode. I still don't know what to make of it, how to navigate myself in all the parallels and mirrors... Oh, Edlund.

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Spoilers for all kinds of shit, speculation, the works, you should know how I roll by now! 

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Again, spoilers for 8x03 and speculations beyond! Beware! 

Okay, there aren't really any spoilers, just speculation. And I wouldn't even call it that. It's more like... Brain-farting.

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Food for thought?

Again, here be spoilers and speculation... Also, this is my not-so-inner shipper talking, so be wary of that as well.

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Holy long off-the-rails post, Batman! This has gotten way out of hand, and I probably read into things too much, but YOLO! I can have fun speculating about my favourite TV show and being wrong most of the time, right? At least I managed to leave out all the shipping!

Of course, beware of Big Bad Spoilers - not only for 8x01 but quite possibly for the upcoming episodes as well. I'm not even sure anymore.

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